Lost Climbs

We had last week, our server died and we needed to restore the app from a backup. This means any climbs created or modifications made from last Wednesday to Saturday have been lost.

Our sincerest apologies but unfortunately there is no way for us to restore the lost climbs. Greg has fixed the problem and any new climbs or modifications going forward will be saved. We are in the process of applying new systems to back up more regularly and hope this does not convenience you too much.

As always thanks for using the app and please don't hesitate in letting us know if you have any further issues.

Android Store Offline

We’re sorry to say that Open Climb is currently unavailable to download for Android.

If you are an Android user who already has OC installed you can continue to use as normal, the issue is only for Android users looking to download an install for the first time.

We are currently working on the issue and will update you as soon as the issue is resolved.

Thanks for the support,

Mark and Greg




The big news with this release is the all new SHARE CLIMB FEATURE and Facebook integration. 

Have you just set a new finger destroyer and want to tell the world?
Are you a trainer and want to send your latest workout to your clients?
Or do you just want to rub it in to your mates that you finally sent that project you have all been working on?

Just look for the “Share Icon” to be able share a climb and comments on Facebook, by text, whatsapp, carrier pigeon... you get the gist.

Artboard 1.png

New Release Updates:
- New “Share Climb” Feature/Facebook Integration
- Updated OC software and libraries for better user performance.
- Improved error reporting to help us keep OC running as smooth as possible
- General Bug fixes

Download the latest version for IOS HERE and ANDROID HERE

Set your self, climb fun.






We know it's been a while but we want to let you know that Greg and I are still jamming on OC and have a few really big announcements with new features coming out in the the coming months. 

As well some big new features Greg has been hard at work improving the back end to improve the overall user performance.

First new release out this week.

To stay up to date with everything Open Climb follow us:
Facebook or Signup to our Newsletter.

We also wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has been in contact with all the support and suggestions, it really keeps us stoked knowing you are all using and enjoying OC! Un agradecimiento especial a España, ha sido increíble el apoyo que recibimos de usted recientemente. (Perdón por nuestro español!).

Set yourself, climb strong.



Version 2.0 Available Now! Version Français disponible!

iPhone & Android

This is a major release with some big improvements to functionality.

- Improved interface for browsing climbs
- New list view for searching gyms.
- Traductions de français
- Password reset capability added
- Refined UX for better flow.
- Support of non Latin characters.
- Improved photo capturing.
- Series of small bug fixes.

Get Setting!
(And don't forget to give us a rating.)

Greg & Mark

Server Crash Update + Version 2.0 Release

Bad news first, we had a Server Crash in the last 4 days that resulted in the loss of some Account Login details and a couple of newly set climbs. The issue has been resolved and we apologies for any inconvenience if you need to re-sign up or re-set any climbs. 

Now onto the good news, Version 2.0 is about to drop.

Some big changes will be released this week including clearer presentation of set climbs, easier navigation to find your gyms, and lots more little tweaks. We are also starting to incorporate some small ads in the new Free version but will also be offering a Paid Ad free version.

Thanks for all the support and get setting.
Greg + Mark



We are excited to let you know that an update for OC has just dropped for IOS and Android with improvements and new features.

NEW SMALLER FOOT MARKERS will make setting those tiny feet much clearer and easier.

NEW HELP SCREENS have added to guide you through the different options of app. So now you have no excuse to get setting.

There has been some issues with the map view, finding your gym and navigating around etc. Well good news! Greg has been toiling away on the code in his cave and has dealt with that annoying little critter so it should be much easier to find your way home, (well at least to the gym). 

Download the version for IOS HERE and ANDROID HERE


We have had an amazing few days since launching. So many positive comments and great suggestions of how to improve - thanks everyone. 

It has also been such a pleasant surprise to see how well Open Climb has been received in Europe. Again thanks everyone, to say we are giddy with excitement like school kids on the first day of summer holidays would be a gross understatement.

Greg has been busting his hump to action some of your suggestions and we are excited to announce that we will already be releasing an update VERY soon. Sign-up to our news letter or follow as on Facebook to stay up to date with all things. OC



Les feuilles sont tombées, la roche commence à être plus froide et on va tous se retrouver de nouveau à l'intérieur. Un timing parfait parce qu'on est heureux de vous annoncer que OPEN CLIMB EST MAINTENANT DISPONIBLE
(pour les appareils Android, bientôt pour les iOS).

Un gros merci à tous nos testeurs et à tous ceux qui ont contribués, on apprécie votre support sans quoi l'application n'aurait pu exister. Mais, on a encore besoin d'un petit coup de main, lorsque vous téléchargez l'application, n'oubliez pas de lui donner une note.

On a très hâte de voir quels problèmes vous allez setter! 


Well the leaves have fallen off, the rocks are starting to get cold and we are all going back inside. Perfect timing because we're are stoked to announce that OPEN CLIMB IS NOW AVAILABLE.  (For Android devices, iOS coming soon.)

A big thanks to all our testers and everyone that has contributed, we really appreciate all the support and couldn't have done it without you. We still need your help though, when you download, please don't forget to rate it!

We are looking forward to seeing what problems you can set!




What do you get when a Kiwi and and Ozzy meet in Montréal?
(Other than one messed up French Accent?)


We are stoked to announce our little love child OPEN CLIMB will be hitting all your favourite app stores this coming November. (Yes its FREE you cheapskate!)

To be the first to Download and to keep your finger on the pulse:

Like our face book page www.facebook.com/openclimbapp

Or SIGN UP to our mailing list.

We will be looking for feedback. There will be ongoing development with the app and a few extra functions in the works but the more feedback we receive, the better it will be.


Qu'obtenez quand un Kiwi et un Ozzy se rencontrent à Montréal?
(Autre qu'un accent français foiré?)

Une application d'ESCALADE!

Nous sommes content de vous présenter notre bébé OPEN CLIMB.
OPEN CLIMB sera dispo dans vos appstores préférés dès novembre. (Et oui, c'est GRATUIT les radins!)

Likez-nous sur Facebook ou inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre en visitant open-climb.com pour être prévenu des mises à jour. (Nous ne vous enverrons pas de pourriels et nous ne partagerons pas vos informations avec qui que ce soit; nous haïssons ça autant que vous!)